create android dependency with gradle and upload artifact to maven repository

some weeks ago i would like to share a set of util classes from my android project with a colleague. and whats better than create a jar and upload it into a maven repository? the following code show how to create a jar file and upload it to a maven repository by using gradle

apply plugin: 'android'
apply plugin: 'maven'

def computeVersionName() {
     return "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"

android {
     // defaultConfig, buildTypes and stuff

     task AnimationUtilsLibJar(type: Jar) {
          archiveName = "animation-" + computeVersionName()
          from fileTree(dir: 'build/classes/debug')
     artifacts {
          archives AnimationUtilsLibJar
uploadArchives {
     repositories {
          mavenDeployer {
               pom.groupId = ''
               pom.artifactId = 'animation'
               pom.version = computeVersionName()

               Console console = System.console()
               def username = null;
               def password = null;

               if (console != null) {
                    username = new String(console.readLine("\nUsername: "))
                    password = new String(console.readPassword("Password: "))

                    if (computeVersionName().endsWith("-SNAPSHOT")) {
                         snapshotRepository(url: "SNAPSHOT_REPO_URL"){
                            authentication(userName: username, password: password)
                    } else {
                         repository(url: "RELEASE_REPO_URL") {
                              authentication(userName: username, password: password)


to upload the artifact you have to open a terminal, change to the root directory of your project and execute the following command

gradle uploadArchives

now you can integrate the dependency in your android project

dependencies {
    compile ''


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