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Swing2JavaFX Live Coding Example (WJAX)

Last week I did some Swing2JavaFX Live Coding on the WJAX in Munich (Details). Therefore I migrated a random Swing client from GitHub partially to JavaFX. I created a fork and a screencast (German), which gives you an impression, which

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How to test JavaFX Services

In this post we want to take a look on how to write an integration test for a JavaFX Service.  Our showcase is a Service that performs a login and signals whether the login was successful or not. Please have a look on

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JavaFX Testrunner

  I deployed a small JUnit TestRunner based on into the maven central repository. Project on GitHub You can use it by adding the following dependency to your project: <dependency> <groupId>de.saxsys</groupId> <artifactId>jfx-testrunner</artifactId> <version>1.0</version> </dependency> Some JavaFX components does need the JavaFX-Application to be

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JavaFX – Decouple the View and its behavior to create a testable UI

The behavior of an UI is a complex state machine which should be tested. This can be done not only by automated UI-tests, but also with Unit Tests. It’s not easy to write Unit Tests for UIs,  because you need to decouple the state

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FXML composition – how to get the controller of an included FXML?

The possibility to declare the UI with an FXML in JavaFX is pretty cool. In bigger applications you have to split the views in different FXMLs which allows you to reuse and compose them in complex FXMLs. Therefore you have to use the

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